Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Light-Heavyweight Domed Globe

The NWA Lightheavyweight Championship Belt (1975-1988, 1992-1996)
Thanks to Yuhki Kihara and Atsushi Kanie for the following information:

This NWA World Light Heavyweight belt is "The Third Race Model" which was entrusted to Mexico EMLL(CMLL). It was used during the years 03/07/1975-1988, and 04/18/1992 - 08/1996, though another versionwas used in the period between 1998-1992. (Please refer to for more information about the successive champions.)

In 04/08/1997, Chavo Guerrero Challenged Harley Race who was NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The "Dome Globe" is like a legacy in Mexico.