Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Great Pretenders

...pretenders to the throne, that is.

Last September (2012), we posted some cool photos of some great pro-wrestlers who came close to getting the ten pounds of gold, but in the end fell just a bit short. Each of those wrestlers were photographed holding the gold, and as we stated before, no doubt that some fans may have left the buildings that night thinking the title had changed hands.

We came across one more, thanks to our friend Brian Rogers, who found this photo of the famous Jumbo Tsuruta with the belt after a match with Harley Race in a Japanese wrestling magazine.

Tommy "Jumbo" Tsuruta

Don't miss the other pictures that we featured in that post last September, including Bruiser Brody, Mr. Wrestling II, Wahoo McDaniel, Jerry Lawler, and Buddy Landel. (Great Pretenders)

* * * * *

I know there have to be more photos like this out there. If you have a photo similar to these of someone who came close to winning the NWA title (1973-1986) and want to forward it to us, please do so using the mail link on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway or send to us via Facebook.

Check out Ten Pounds of Gold, the book that takes a close look at the 1973-1986 NWA title belt: