Monday, October 29, 2012

Rick Rockwell Reviews

Thanks to Rick Rockwell for his great review of the "Ten Pounds of Gold" which can be found on both and


The 2nd edition features an additional 70 pages that includes these great photos and more chapters of informative details. However, if you still want to get the 1st edition, which is a hard cover with colored pictures, then you can order either or at the official website.
The authors do a great job setting the stage for why the belt was created, how it was introduced and who the major players were behind the title's creation. In fact, you get a detailed account on the belt's construction and all of the tweaks that were made over its existence.
Perhaps, my favorite part of the book was the introduction of the belt in 1973. The unveiling of the belt took place right before a world title match between Harley Race and Jack Brisco in Houston. The new belt received almost as much media attention as the match itself.
In addition to the details about the title's unveiling, the book also has numerous copies of newspaper articles about the championship match and the world title. I found it highly enjoyable reading the old newspaper clippings and applaud the authors for putting these clippings in the book.
Another nice feature of the book was the timelines of the wrestlers who wore the belt, the exchanging of the world title and all of the repairs done to the belt. It was a quick and easy way to peruse through wrestling history.       (FULL REVIEW)